Health Benefits

Natural energy drink: The natural sugars in the juice are easily absorbed by the body to replenish energy. Contains required vitamins and nutrients for muscle growth.

Fights Cancer: Being alkaline in nature, Cane juice helps the body in fighting Cancer (Prostate & Breast).

Fit and Healthy: The low glycemic index of Cane juice helps in keeping the body fit and healthy. Also, naturally delays aging symptoms.

Detoxifies the body: Removes body toxins and reduces acidity.

Is a potent energy booster: Cane juice contains a large amount of glucose along with other compounds. The glucose and other electrolytes make it an instant pick-me-up. Not only does it give you that instant boost of energy, it helps cool down the body during the season of summer.

Is a great drink for diabetics: Even though Cane juice has glucose and tastes very sweet, it is significantly healthier than processed sugar, making it the perfect energy drink for diabetics. It contains natural sugar which has a low glycemic index that prevents rise in blood glucose levels. It is a great substitute for aerated drinks. So, if you are diabetic and crave for something sweet, sip on a glass of Cane Juice for that instant fix.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Packed with a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese, Cane juice acts a perfect drink to replenish lost electrolytes and water.

Fights the common cold and flu.

Prevents bad breath and tooth decay.

Acts as a digestive tonic and keeps the skin healthy.

For the above reasons, Cane juice is a significantly better alternative to aerated drinks and sugar-filled smoothies.

100% Natural & Refreshing
No Preservatives - No Sugar Added


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Out of respect and regard for you, we don't make any health claims about our juice in view of the examination provided. Our aim is to share information that has been done on the medical advantages of the juice.